Chapter 9 The Census/ACS Data Portals

This chapter describes two portals to datasets with US Census microdata. We will also refer to these as “ACS” data. That refers to the American Community Survey, which is run all the time by the US Census, but between the decennial Census years.

We call it “microdata” because it’s not the usual Census data you read about, the kind that tells you how many plumbers live in your county. This is data about individuals, which makes it deeply interesting; every case, every row is a story, some actual person. We find ourselves caring more about these people than we do about most data.

As to the number of plumbers, that’s now something you have to calculate yourself.

xxx more description to come, BUT most of this material is also in the chapters for assignments 1 and 2.

9.1 The “small” portal

 Link to 2013 ACS data from California.