Chapter 12 The NHANES Data Portal

This brief chapter describes a data portal that gives you access to several thousand cases from the 2003 National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). This is the dataset where we got the 800 children and teens we used in two of the lessons in this book.

 Here is a link to a CODAP document with the portal installed.

The **attributes** panel in the NHANES portal.

Figure 12.1: The attributes panel in the NHANES portal.

A box at the top of the portal lets you choose your sample size, and a button will get your data. When the data downloads, a CODAP table appears with the data in it.

The portal has three panels:

  • summary: This describes what you have chosen to download. It includes a list of the attributes you have chosen.
  • attributes: (Shown in the illustration.) Here you can choose which attributes you want. You can pick them from several different broad categories. This is similar to the Census/ACS portal design you have already used.
  • cases: This lets you limit the range of ages of the people you will get. You do not have to fill in both boxes.