The eeps nature-of-science simulation


I have taken this set of apps down for maintenance. You can launch them, but they will not work properly. I am improving the security around the server. In the future, you will need some kind of ID (such as your Google ID) to host new universes.

I'm doing this now because no one has told me they are using these in classes before the end of 2020. And because use is so sporadic, I'm not rushing to get it done.

BUT if I'm unaware of you and you really really want to use these apps, just let me know! I can re-open the last working version (which worked! Thanks, Florida International!) easily and quickly for a few days. eepsmedia at gmail dot com works fine.

Typically used by students:


Players use this app to make observations and to create figures for papers. Integrates with CODAP.


Players use this to write papers for the Journal, using figures they made in the "scientist" app.

Typically used by teachers:


Journal editors accept and reject papers.

World management

Use this app to create worlds and teams, change from one year to the next, and grant extra money to teams.